Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition comes to Switch, PS4 and mobile with revamped multiplayer and new high-level playable content.

Nintendo had for some years what for her would be her final fantasy. It was called Final Fantasy VI and it was released for the Super Nintendo. From there, the Japanese company Squaresoft decided that the seventh installment would be released for the new Sony machine; PlayStation. The rest is history, as they say.

Fortunately, the relationship between the creator of one of the most important video game franchises with Nintendo did not have a bitter end. After nine years of back and forth, the developer returned to Big N hardware with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for Gamecube. A title far removed from what we know as the purest Final Fantasy, yes, but not without magic and wonderful moments. Now it comes back remastered for Nintendo Switch, we will tell you how it did it.

Magical chronicles

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a fairly unusual title, at least for the time it appeared. It also had multiplayer but making use of Game Boy Advance portable game consoles, which made the proposal even more strange than it already was. Despite how different it was from its older brothers and that to be able to enjoy it 100% you had to have friends with Nintendo laptops, the game had its legion of followers.

And it is that Crystal Chronicles is a story of overcoming through a journey full of dangers to protect friends and family from a death that constantly stalks; the miasma. This fog of strange origin devastates the world where the four main races of the game live; the Clavates, the Selkies, the Liltys and the Yukos. Its mere presence shortens the life of the inhabitants and the only protection against it are crystals that feed on myrrh.

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