Final Fantasy 9 gets into fashion with beautiful scenarios


Final Fantasy IX, one of the most acclaimed JRPGs on the first PlayStation, is back looking better than ever! All thanks to the Moguri mod, which has spent many years in development and improves the look and practically all the technical aspects of the epic adventure! Check out:

Now the game runs in widescreen, with less blurry graphics and a higher frame rate during cutscenes, which went up from 15 to 30 fps. The most impressive thing is that an Artificial Intelligence is the main responsible for adapting the background scenarios and, allied to a lot of manual work, it generates a unique result!

If you don’t like these changes, you can turn these improvements on or off at any time. If you want to try the mod on your own, it can be downloaded here and takes up only 5GB of disk space. What did you think of him? What is your opinion on Final Fantasy IX? Comment below!


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