Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Digital Foundry Detonates PC Port


Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Despite being one of the best games of 2020 and an amazing remake, Final Fantasy 7 Remake seems to have left a little to be desired in its PC version. At least that’s what the folks at the Digital Foundry, a channel that specializes in dissecting the technical performance of video games, allege.

According to its team, the purchase of the game is not even recommended and Square Enix should not have released a product in that state. Editor Alexander Battaglia went to his Twitter to clarify that, despite not being covering the game, he had nothing nice to say about it:

“The choke that happens as soon as you enter the rendered graphics is simply unacceptable. Anyone testing or playing this title on PC before release can be assured that their cinematics shouldn’t behave like this,” a view endorsed by the editor of video John Linneman: