Final Fantasy 15 is close to 9 million copies sold!


Final Fantasy 15 has just exploded all the scores! Victim of its success, the famous game has sold millions of copies.

It’s a huge success for Final Fantasy 15! Nearly 9 million gamers have succumbed to the famous game.

The creators of Final Fantasy have always been able to delight their players. First published on Xbox One and on PS4 (three years ago), fans of the famous game then found their happiness with the PC version! Thereafter, the Windows version was then accessible to all. And all the new features were similar to those in the Royal Edition on Xbox One and PS4. The class!

As a reminder, the PC version of Final Fantasy XV was also created by Square Enix! Everything had been thought of to make Windows use compatible with HDR, with 4K or even 8K rendering. So players had to have their machine support all of the new game settings. But luckily, Square Enix had thought of everything to avoid bugs! Gamers could then use the benchmark tool to test their computers’ performance.

For lovers of futuristic graphics, the creators of Final Fantasy 15 had set the bar high! On the Web, many Internet users had not failed to highlight the new advances in the game. Meanwhile, Square Enix has already released the number of copies of the game sold on different platforms. And the figures are also very good! You are more than 8.9 million gamers to have succumbed to the famous game! Just that.

Indeed, Square Enix states in its press release that 8.9 million copies of Final Fantasy 15 have been sold worldwide! A great performance in itself, because last year the franchise had reached the 8.4 million mark. As a reminder, this number obviously includes sales made by downloading. But also the copies bought by the distribution.


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