Final Fantasy 14: Guide to the fallen Court of Troy


The Fell Court of Troia Guide: First Boss: The Evil Dreamer Between Bosses – Part 1: Second Boss: Beatrice Between Bosses – Part 2: Third Boss: Scarmiglione

With the release of Update 6.2 in Final Fantasy 14, a new series of main story quests (or MSQ for short) has been added to the game along with many other features such as a new raid, an island shelter and a new dungeon. This guide for the new dungeon, the Fallen Court of Troy, will keep spoilers to a minimum, as well as provide players with detailed information about what to expect when they fight the bosses inside.

In Fell Court of Troia, level 595 gear drops out, which will be very useful for Final Fantasy 14 players who want to improve their work, which may not be as good as their main job.

A Guide to the Fallen Court of Troy:

Before reaching the first boss, players must first destroy several groups of monsters standing in their way. These little enemies don’t do anything special other than the usual cabling where their ability will hit. Players just need to get out of the glowing orange spot on the ground to avoid damage. As soon as they are cleared, it will come to the first boss.

Unlike most bosses in Final Fantasy 14, the first boss is just a pack of monsters called Evil Dreamers. Despite the fact that they look like another group of monsters, players should take care not to treat Evil Dreamers as such.

First Boss: The Evil Dreamer

For the most part, Evil Dreamers don’t have many abilities. They just need to tank and shoot down with Area of Effect abilities/spells. As soon as the players kill enough Evil Dreamers, another group will appear. This new group will be invulnerable as long as they charge an attack that will hit most of the arena. Players must make sure to quickly get away from danger and move forward to destroy the newcomers as soon as they can be attacked. Repeat this process and another group will appear. This time, the attack pattern will change, and all players will have a aiming marker on their heads. At this time, players must move away from each other, as well as go beyond the orange lines on the floor to avoid damage and potentially killing each other due to the fact that they are standing too close to each other when both abilities are activated.

Having dealt with this set of attacks, players can safely resume the attack of the next group of Evil Dreamers. Eventually, one big Evil Dreamer will appear in the center, who will start using an ability called “Endless Nightmare”. This Evil Dreamer must be killed before he finishes using this ability, otherwise the players will be instantly killed and they will have to start the boss battle from the beginning. Players will also need to dodge the usual orange attack indicators that appear on the ground while dealing as much damage as possible. After successfully killing the boss, a treasure chest appears and players can proceed further into the dungeon.

Between Bosses – Part 1:

Apart from the change of scenery, there is little that is particularly noteworthy between the first and second boss. As is usually the case in the dungeons of Final Fantasy 14, players will have to fight several groups of monsters standing in their way. As always, these packs do not pose a real threat.

Moving to the second boss, players must keep an eye on two treasure chests that will provide additional loot. The location of these treasure chests is shown in the images above. Once the path is cleared, it’s time for the players to fight the second boss.

Second boss: Beatrice

The battle with Beatrice is much more intense than with the Evil Dreamer, and players have something to pay attention to when fighting this boss. The first thing that players should pay attention to is her look mechanics. When players see a ring with four eyes appear around the boss, they must immediately turn away so as not to look at the boss. Another mechanic to pay attention to is when two lines divide a room. Players must carefully watch and dodge before Beatrice’s attack hits approximately 25% of the room. She will repeat this three more times before the attack ends, and an unsuccessful positioning can lead to her being sent back to the beginning of the dungeon.

In addition to this mechanic, Beatrice applies Silence to players performing the role of a tank in the group being called. Players just need to use damage reduction and heal that player quickly. She also uses abilities such as “Blissful Contempt” (an unavoidable area of effect spell that affects all players) and “Shaking Void” (which players just need to get out of before she finishes using it).

As Beatrice’s health declines, she eventually applies a more unpleasant version of her gaze ability when she places several rings all over the room.


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