Final Fantasy 14: Guide to animals in the Island Reserve



All small-sized animals All medium-sized animals All large-sized animals Pasture renewal

The sanctuary on the island opened in Final Fantasy 14, where players gather at the dry docks of Morabito take part in a relaxing farming life. In the content, players grow crops, explore, collect resources, release their minions and collect animals to take care of them. Animals are especially popular. There are many species that can be tamed and captured all over the island.

Animals in the Final Fantasy 14 Island Reserve are also not just for show. Taking care of them can reward players with various resources that can be useful for crafting and building. Don’t expect to be able to catch them all over again, as different species (in terms of size) require different traps, the recipes of which are learned only when you level up.

All small animals

Small animals are the first kind that the player can collect. The trap necessary to catch them is opened after completing the “Charming Animals” quest. The necessary trap is a homemade net that can be made from one island branch and two island vines.

Location of small animals Falls Apkallu X: 15.1, Y: 12.4 Sanctuary Egg and Sanctuary Fleece. Koblin X: 25, Y:19.6 Sanctuary Fang and Sanctuary Shell. Ground Squirrel X: 15.3, Y:19.1 Sanctuary Claw and Sanctuary Fur. The Lost Lamb X:20.3, Y:23.5 The Fleece of the Sanctuary and the Milk of the Sanctuary. Opo-Opo X:19.8, Y:26 Sanctuary Claw and Sanctuary Fur.

In addition to the usual animals, there are also rare animals on the island. These rare species often differ in color from the main animals. They come out at a certain time and at a certain time.

Location of rare small animals Weather and Eorzean time Found Apkallu Paradise X: 18.8, Y: 11.9 Any weather, 12-15 hours. Beachbomb X: 18, Y:13 Only in the rain, at any time in the morning Lemur X: 21, Y: 26.4 Any weather, 6-9 in the morning. Poisonous doodle X: 21,6, Y: 23,1 Only during clear skies, at any time. Star Marmot X: 16, Y: 19 Any weather, 9-12 hours. Twinklefleece X: 22.3, Y: 20.5 Only in fog, at any time. Yellow Coblin X: 26.6, Y: 19.5 Only in fog, at any time.

All animals are medium-sized

To catch medium-sized animals on the island, the player must reach the 6th rank of the Sanctuary. As soon as he does, he learns the recipe for improvised limiters. The recipe requires three islands of cannabis and one island copper.

Medium Animals Location Falls Chocobo X: 13.2, Y:14 The claw of the sanctuary and the Feather of the sanctuary. Glyptodon Puppy X:29, Y:21.1 Sanctuary claw and sanctuary shall. Wild Dodo X:27, Y:23.1 Sanctuary feather and Sanctuary egg. Island Doe X 21.2, Y: 20 Sanctuary fur and Sanctuary Milk.

Just like small animals, there are also rare medium-sized animals.

Rare Medium Animals Location Weather and time Eorzei Black Chocobo X: 13, Y:11.5 Only when the sky is clear, at any time. Paradise Dodo X: 16.6, Y: 11.8 Any weather, 15-18 hours. Glyptodon X: 31.5, Y: 11.5 Any weather, 12-3 a.m. Island Star X: 20.4, Y: 20.1 Any weather, 18-21 hours.

All large animals

Catching large animals will become available when the player reaches Sanctuary rank 8. At this level, he will learn a recipe for homemade sleeping pills for catching large animals. The recipe requires two island algae, one island juice and two island jellyfish.

Bison fall out of the location of large animals: 14.4, Y:19 The milk of the sanctuary and the Claw of the Sanctuary. Blue Back X: 26.6, Y: 28.2 Sanctuary Egg and Sanctuary Feather. Island Nanny X: 25.5, Y: 23.9 Sanctuary Milk and Sanctuary Horn

There are also a couple of rare large animals.

Location of rare large animals Weather and time of Eorzea Alligator X: 17.6, Y: 24.1 Only during rain, at any time. Golden Shirt X: 31.1, Y: 28.4 Only during rain, at any time. Grand Buffalo X: 12.1, Y: 17.2 Only in cloudy weather, at any time. Billy Island X: 26.3, Y: 22.8 Any weather, 3-6 am.

Pasture renewal

As soon as a player can catch animals, he starts with five slots in his pasture. It can be improved as the player reaches new Sanctuary ranks. Ten slots can become available after the player reaches the 4th rank of the Sanctuary and upgrades the Cozy Hut to the second version. The player will also have to spend a thousand Cowrie sailors to get an upgrade.

After that, the pasture can be improved once again at the 7th rank of the Sanctuary. This will give the pasture 20 animal slots. However, the player will also need to upgrade Cozy Cabins to the third version and spend 1500 Seafarer Cowries.


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