Final Fantasy 14 — everything we know about the island sanctuary at the moment


The upcoming Final Fantasy 14 6.2 patch will finally release an island haven for players. This new content for MMO has been waiting for a long time since its first announcement. Many Final Fantasy 14 players are excited about the prospect of having their own small farm simulator where they can take care of animals, free their minions and grow crops in the vast RPG world.

Update 6.2 for Final Fantasy 14 will be released on August 23. The patch will include not only Island Sanctuary, but also new story quests, equipment, side quests and much more. However, many players will visit the Island Sanctuary first, as this is a completely new concept for Final Fantasy 14. The last live letter revealed much of what is in the store, from his mammet assistants to what the island itself will look like.

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What the live email showed

From the live letter, the players got a complete picture of the island from the top of the mountain, showing a vast territory to explore. Yoshi-P explained that there will be an optional learning section on the island that players can use or skip to learn how to develop their island. Players will need about two hours to complete additional training. There will be several unlockable FF14 mounts in the Island Sanctuary gameplay, and they can be unlocked at an early stage.

While on the island, the sprint function will also work faster than usual in Final Fantasy 14. Yoshi-P explained that this is done to make the island feel a little more stress-free. There will also be non-player characters on the island who look like moms helping the player in the development of the island. As more facilities are built on the island, more moms will appear.

Items can be collected on the island, but most of them will remain on the island, and they will be used to make tools and materials used only in the island sanctuary. The collection of materials and tools will be used to build various facilities on the island, from shops to structures such as windmills. While there will be a number of goals, and the biggest will be the construction of the Island Hall. The construction of the Island Hall unlocks the functions of agriculture on the island.

As more facilities are built, more moms will come to the island to become shop owners. Although the island is designed for single player play, up to 15 other players can visit the island at the same time. In a live email, Yoshi Pi also shared some outfits for Final Fantasy 14 players specific to the Island Sanctuary, complete with straw hats, backpacks and boots.

Cultures, animals and minions

Once the island hall is built, players will have access to a mom who helps them farm. Agriculture will include cultivating fields, planting seeds and watering plants. As in many farming simulators, players will need to constantly water their plants to make them grow. However, when it rains, players do not need to water the crops.

Another part of agriculture will be raising animals. Players will need to build aviaries, use nets to catch animals and grow them. Captured animals can be given a nickname, and each individual animal will have a status that the player can check in the “Farm Animal Management” menu. Judging by the pictures, one of these animals will be a sheep. Finally, fans are very excited about the mechanics that are releasing their FF14 minions. Up to 40 minions can be placed in different places of the island, from the beach to nearby objects.

Final Fantasy 14 is already available for PC, PS4 and PS5.


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