Final Fantasy 14: All Major Endwalker Patches Will Revolve around the Void


Final Fantasy 14 is preparing to release Update 6.2, the second major update after the Endwalker expansion. During an interview, Final Fantasy 14 confirmed that the contents of its patches will be slightly different from previous additions, as the patches will tell their own self-contained story: exploring the Void.

Famitsu recently interviewed Final Fantasy 14 director and producer Naoki Yoshida about the upcoming patch called Buried Memory. This interview served as a prequel to the next Final Fantasy 14 Email from the LIVE producer, scheduled for August 12, which will reveal additional information about the patch, including the trailer and release date.

Although he spoke on many topics, one of the most interesting parts of Yoshida’s interview is his discussion of the narrative direction of Endwalker patches and more. Patch 6.1 sends players to explore the Void — the destroyed thirteenth reflection of the world of Final Fantasy 14, which now serves as a home for demons. The main scenario of Update 6.2 and subsequent parts of Update 6.5 will focus on exploring and completing this story arc. According to Yoshida, players can see “a glimpse of the history of the next addition” in the final patch 6.5.

This format is slightly different from the previous expansion cycles. The usual method of narrating Final Fantasy 14 is to set the main plot points in the supplement itself, and then tie up the ends with a third major content patch. He then uses the next two patches to set the stage for the next expansion. This time, since Endwalker has told the full story with several unfinished endings, the 6.X patch series will feel different and tell the full story before quickly setting the stage for what comes next.

Players are excited and interested in what Final Fantasy 14 has in store for them in the next updates. If Yoshida’s hints and the “New Adventure” are any indication, players can expect to face off against the four arch-monsters from Final Fantasy 4—Scarmiglione, Cagnazzo, Rubicante and Barbariccia—as well as Golbez himself in patches, probably as in the trial series of this expansion.

If Final Fantasy 14 can stick to its 4-month development cycle, players can expect 6.3 at the end of December, 6.4 in April 2023 and 6.5 in August next year. Final Fantasy 14 is likely to announce its next expansion pack sometime early next year, and players can expect it to be released in late 2023 or early 2024.

Final Fantasy 14 is already available on PC, PS4 and PS5.


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