Final Call to Switch to YouTube Music


Google closed the music store that allowed Play Music users to purchase music. The company invites Play Music users to move to YouTube Music by carrying their purchased music.

In the absence of online music services, when internet users wanted to – legally – listen to music on their own device, they had to purchase the music from services such as iTunes or Google Play Music. However, with the advent of Spotify, Apple Music, and other music services, that all changed.

With the introduction of online music services, everything has changed and almost nobody prefers to buy the music they want to listen to individually. As you can imagine, this situation has put an end to services such as Google Play Music. Google had already announced that it would unplug Play Music, and now there has been a new development in this regard.

Google Play closed the Music store

As of now, Google has closed its music store on Google Play. “To continue listening to your Play Music library, transfer your library to YouTube Music at,” Google said in a statement. You can also download your data via Google Packet Service or delete them through Play Music account settings. ” using expressions.

While Google allows existing Play Music users to move their libraries to YouTube Music or download pre-purchased music from Google Play Uploaded tracks with the Google Packet Service, it warns users not to make one of the two options:

“At the end of this year, you will lose access to the Google Play Music app. If you decide not to do any of the above actions, all Play Music data not transferred or downloaded will be deleted after a certain period of time. Thank you for supporting Google Play Music over the years. We look forward to continuing this journey with you on YouTube Music, your new address in music. ”

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