Final Balance Guide in Fall Guys, Do not be afraid


Do not be afraid of heights because here you will have to go through an infinite number of seesaws with other players until you reach the goal

In this Fall Guys guide you can see how each of the tests is composed, we also explain how to overcome them without much difficulty, such as La Pirindola, Egg Hunt and Block Fun. Remember that, even if it is a game similar to the Grand Prix or Yellow Humor style, it is also important to play both alone and in company if we want to win crowns and accolades to unlock different cosmetics such as skins, costumes, gestures, etc. plus experience, called fame, to unlock the Battle Pass rewards.

Game mode: race. You have to arrive within the maximum number of players marked.
Position in the round that can be started per game: 1, 2.

The first part consists of 4 seesaws placed one followed by the other so that, together with the weight of the other players, advance looking at the number of players on each side; when crossing them we arrive at the first checkpoint. The second part is 3 seesaws placed in a triangular shape, so each path of this beginning of part reaches one end of the seesaw and advance the next; the checkpoint ends up being 3 roads. The third part consists of 8 seesaws distributed in a 2-3-2-1 way and end in a single path and last control point. The fourth zone is a path that forks up to 5 seesaws divided into 1-2-1-1 up to two paths that reach the goal.

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