Filtered the appearance of the AirPods Studio in iOS 14.3


Apple’s first modular design headphones appear in an icon in the latest version of iOS 14.3. After establishing its range of ‘in ear’ headphones with the AirPods, Apple wants to go for the second type of headphones, the supra-aural or headband headphones -also popularly called ‘headphones’. In fact, we have spent much of this 2020 with the rumor of the AirPods Studio, which would be called the first official Apple helmets, which could have indirectly taught us through an icon.

The first Apple helmets

In April, the news came out that Apple is developing a new model of high-end headphones but with the classic ‘over ear’ or headband design, those big headphones that cover the ears. And it would also be a headset of modular design, which means that it will have moving and interchangeable parts and pieces. According to the source, those from Cupertino are working on two models:

– Some helmets made with leather materials

– A version of the same helmets more for Fitness, made with lightweight and breathable micro-perforated materials

These have a “retro oval design with a headband connected by thin metal arms”, and the modular element can be seen in the part that goes over the ears, which is attached to the body of the helmets by magnets, so it can be removed and put back easily. This leads us to think that by buying a separate pair of accessories, we could have helmets adapted to Fitness to exercise, and then, changing the part of the pads, customize them in the Premium leather model.

AirPods Studio icon on iOS 14.3

We’ve seen render designs based on the leaked data from the beginning, but so far nothing remotely ‘official’ about the headphones. But that has changed thanks to the first iOS 14.3 developer beta, called Hawkeye, in which experts at the 9to5Mac website have come across a new icon while researching the codebase. An icon that clearly shows a headset.

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In fact, the icon can also be seen in this video on the MacRumors website, right in the Find My app in the Hawkeye beta. The video shows a magnifying glass hovering over the headphones icon. And the fact that the video is in the Find My app suggests that it could help you find both the earbuds.

The most curious thing is that the new icon of the headphones in iOS 14.3 is not the first we have seen in these months. In March we already saw two earphone icons in an early version of iOS 14, but those icons featured a different design than today and seemed to suggest that the headphones would come in black and white. What is clear is that Apple is working on supra-aural helmets, the question is whether the icon seen in iOS 14.3 is the final design of the AirPods Studio or not.

AirPods Studio price

But how much will these over-ear headphones be worth? Well, as always happens, until Apple officially announces it, we do not know with 100% security, but according to Apple leak expert Jon Prosser, the Apple AirPods Studio will be priced at $ 349, about 322 euros to change. . And that name that we have said is the definitive one according to Prosser: Apple AirPods Studio, which during their production process had the code name ‘B515’.


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