Films about Case Richthofen, with Carla Diaz,new trailer


The films about the Richthofen Case, The Girl Who Killed My Parents and The Boy Who Killed My Parents, have just been given a new trailer with some unpublished scenes.

In the video, we see Suzane von Richthofen (Carla Diaz) and Daniel Cravinhos (Leonardo Bittencourt) entering the family home on the night of the crime. The preview also shows several moments of the relationship between the two and the conflicting versions told in court.

Synopsis of productions

The idea of ​​the project is to show the completely different points of view of one of the biggest crimes in Brazil. Check out the synopsis:

“In 2002, boyfriend and girlfriend Suzane von Richthofen (Carla Diaz) and Daniel Cravinhos (Leonardo Bittencourt) shocked Brazil by pleading guilty to the brutal murder of Suzane’s parents. Throughout their trial, this case is revisited in search of answers about the couple’s reasons for committing this atrocity. A real crime drama about one of the most shocking murder cases in Brazil. Based on the case file, the two films will be released simultaneously and will show different points of view of the same case. ”

Directed by Maurício Eça, the films have nothing to do with the culprits and are based only on the case file. The script is signed by Ilana Casoy, the leading specialist in serial killers in Brazil and Raphael Montes, writer of police literature. It is worth mentioning that the duo of screenwriters is also responsible for the success of Netflix, Good morning, Veronica.

The release of the films was affected by the coronavirus pandemic and a new release date has yet to be released.


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