Filming of The Batman Movie Starts Next Month


Preparations continue for DC’s newest Batman movie. Filming, which will take place on the set set in the UK last month, will begin in September.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many industries, as well as in the cinema and entertainment sector for a long time. Big budget productions have started to be called engines again one by two in the last period.

One of these productions will be the new Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson. The shooting of the movie, which has been discussed much before it is released, will begin in September. For this shoot, Warner Bros had built a set in the UK.

Shooting starts in September

With the shooting that will begin next month, the Batman movie will continue where it left off. Work for the construction has already started but was interrupted in March due to the epidemic. After about 7 months of this process, the team will once again go to the camera.

According to director Matt Reeves, a quarter of the planned scenes were already shot when the shooting process was stopped. The director stated that he will not work on these scenes before the shootings are over and that he will work on the tone of the film in the idle time.

Although there are changes in the structure of the production in terms of tone, Reeves is not expected to make any explanation on this subject before the shooting is completed. The story that Pattinson will tell Batman, who is known as Battinson – in the internet term – is also a matter of curiosity.

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Batman in theaters next year

Although the cinema industry has experienced difficulties in all areas due to the pandemic, the breaks have at least given creative teams a wider time frame to design what kind of movie they want to make. The UK, which did not require heavy security measures for the production crews, offered significant opportunities for filming, allowing Batman to return at the end of the movie.

The release date of the movie was first announced as June 2021, but due to delays, this date was changed. The planned new release date of the film was October 1, 2021. What are your expectations from the new Batman movie?


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