Filming of “Scream 6” is officially over, the crew shared a new photo from the set


After spending quite a few years in hibernation, it seems that the “Scream” franchise is not wasting time returning to the big screen. Less than a year after “Scream 5″—officially titled simply “Scream”—hit theaters, the production team behind the next installment announced that filming of “Scream 6” was officially over.

The Scream 6 crew went to their official Instagram account to announce the end of filming and celebrate this event with a giant group photo. The band also thanked producer Ron Lynch for choosing Blackmore Productions as the filming location for the film. It turns out that location is a topic when it comes to the next installment of the long—running series.

At the moment, the next movie is really called “Scream 6” and will at least start in Woodsboro, where most of the films are set. However, in a sense, the next film will take a new path, as most of its story will take place outside the small sleepy murder capital of the world. “It’s in the box! Filming of the film #Cry6 has ended. ⚡👻⚡ Well done, Thunder Team!” — reads the translated caption to an Instagram post shared by a film crew in Montreal.

In Scream 6, the surviving ghost killers will leave small-town life behind and travel to New York instead. However, it turns out that they apparently haven’t gone far enough, as someone new has taken on the mantle of Ghost Face and is more than willing to do a little damage to the Big Apple. “Scream 6” will have several characters that first appeared in the newest “Scream” comeback, but will definitely be mixed in at least some of the OG cast.

This was confirmed again when Courteney Cox recently logged into her own Instagram account to announce that her work on shooting new scenes was officially completed. Of course, there is one member of the original “Scream” cast who will not be returning, and this has certainly caused excitement among fans of the franchise.

While it was initially expected that she would bring Sidney Prescott back at least once more, Neve Campbell announced earlier this summer that she had decided not to return in the end. She did not hide that she was not going to star in “Scream 6” because she did not feel that the producers were offering her the salary she was worth. While “Scream” fans are probably unhappy with Campbell’s departure, they will see the return of at least one of the survivors in “Scream 4,” as Kirby Reed played by Hayden Panettieri was confirmed in a new film earlier this year.

“Scream 6” is expected in theaters on March 31, 2023.


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