Filming of Resident Evil: New movie


In addition to the two Netflix series, Capcom’s survival horror will return to the movies, albeit with a cinematic reboot.

Monster Hunter will come to the big screen from Sony Pictures, but it will not be the only Capcom saga that is exploited beyond video games on the big screen. Resident Evil, which has already proven to be very lucrative in film and on television, will return with two series and a new movie. Unlike the films directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, all parties agree and state that this reboot will be much more faithful to video games. Proof of this are the locations that have been seen in some filtered images of the filming.

This station looks familiar to me

The mythical police station of Resident Evil 2 in Raccoon City appears in one of the snapshots, while the Kendo weapons store also seems to have its place in production. The rest of the photographs reveal more details of the police station and the return of a character who has an anecdotal role in the second installment of the saga, but who is among the participants in this film. We refer to the trucker who opens the opening cutscene. What we don’t know is if he will also eat a juicy hamburger (half eaten at the end).

The video shows precisely the recording of a sequence in which we see the truck go by. If everything continues as narrated in Resident Evil 2, the poor trucker will head to his unfortunate destiny: to be bitten by one of the many zombies that roam the streets of Raccoon City freely.

Resident Evil has announced two series that will premiere on Netflix. In Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, the format of some CGI movies is retaken. In fact, it will be developed by the same studio that signed Vendetta. From what has been seen, Leon and Claire will be its protagonists, although it will not be based directly on video games (but it will be canon). For its part, the live-action series will tell an alternative story.

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