Filming halted after Robert Pattinson’s coronavirus


The production of the new DC film is again paralyzed by the positive of a member of the team; Vanity Fair confirms that it is its protagonist.

Update | The Daily Mail medium confirms that the production continues, for now, without Robert Pattinson, since the actor will remain isolated for two weeks. This means that the filming resumes its activity with all the scenes in which Pattinson is not involved, including his voice actor. “Anything that can be shot and doesn’t involve Pattinson has a green light. That includes scenes with his stunt double. The goal is to do the best we can before he comes back and pray that none of the other players catch the virus. The team can be replaced since most are freelancers hired for the duration of the production but it would be disastrous if another great star contracted the virus “, they point out from said medium.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect this year 2020 at all levels globally; and the film industry is no stranger to it. And it is that since the first stages of confinement several months ago, many productions had to stop their activity by health recommendation, among them, The Batman, the new Matt Reeves film with Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne / Batman. Now, after his return to filming a few days ago, the production is again paralyzed by the positive in Covid-19 of one of its members: Robert Pattinson himself.

Vanity Fair confirms Pattinson’s positive for Covid-19

The news has been produced through a brief statement from the producer and in which the following could be read: “A member of The Batman production has tested positive for Covid-19 and is in isolation according to established protocols. Filming is temporarily paused ”. In the same statement, it has been avoided to give the name of the infected person, although shortly after the Vanity Fair medium has confirmed that the affected person is Robert Pattinson himself.

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