File recovery programs 2021! Here are the programs


What are the best file recovery software? When you want to restore files you accidentally deleted, images deleted in case of a malfunction in your external and hard disk, or different contents such as documents or video files in a USB memory that cause problems, file recovery programs run for your help. Here are the file recovery programs of 2021, the leader in their field to recover these files you lost access to.

We have deleted and brought back a file that we did not have any business to accidentally or at the moment, and of course we have been tied in such a situation. Recovering deleted photos, recovering deleted files, is actually not as easy as it might seem, and there is no guarantee. Therefore, remembering to back up your files, photos, and data in general, will be a great benefit to you.

However, it is a fact that even people who regularly back up files, photos and data have great difficulties when it comes to unnecessary data loss. As soon as you become aware of data loss, it is very important that you stop using the relevant drive for that moment. We recommend that you do not use the relevant drive until the recovery process, in order to have a chance to recover your deleted files, in other words, to recover deleted files without paying to people who specialize in data recovery.

In this article, we have explained 6 high quality data recovery tools that will help you recover your accidentally deleted or lost data, namely the program to recover your deleted files.

File recovery programs 2021

– DMDE Free Edition
– Recuva
– TestDisk
– MiniTool Power Data Recovery
– Disk Drill Data Recovery
– EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

File recovery tool: DMDE Free Edition

DMDE Free Edition, which is an advanced program in recovering data from different drive types than you might think, allows you to navigate between files and files that can be recovered in an interface similar to Windows Explorer after detecting and selecting the relevant drive. Even if you have some restrictions in the free version, it is an advantage that the amount of data you can recover is not restricted.


Recuva, which is one of the only tools that comes to mind when it comes to recovering deleted files, comes up with a wizard interface that more experienced people can quickly pass through. Moreover, you have the opportunity to run the search methods to include a specific location or all drivers. When the scanning process is complete, the files you can recover are listed separately and presented to you according to their status, together with their scores.


TestDisk, which is among the file recovery programs that we can consider in the quality category, is a tool that has the ability to find and recover more than 200 different and different file types. This tool, which can recover data from USB and CD / DVDs from hard disks, can also be used to restore disk partitions.

One of the major disadvantages of TestDisk is that it works from the command line and cannot be controlled with the mouse. However, our program helps you at every stage with the help of menus, and moreover, since it enables the disk to communicate as read-only, there is no possibility to delete data that you can unintentionally recover.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

To give an example of the most unwanted data loss, it can be said to lose a whole disk or partition. This is often the result of deleting the chapter title or accidentally deleting the entire chapter. With Power Data Recovery tool, you can easily scan your disk and recover lost partitions. Although the tool seems to stop responding at times, don’t worry and wait for the process to finish, it will give you all the partitions it finds and give you the opportunity to recover them.

Disk Drill Data Recovery

Disk Drill Data Recovery is regarded as one of the most popular data recovery tools of recent times, especially today. With this program, you can access and recover your deleted data, videos, documents, music files, photos and much more from an internal or external disk drive, USB memory or memory card.

Disk Drill can also create image files in ISO, IMG or DMG formats. In this way, it can search all the files you have lost within this duplicate partitions.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard draws attention with its user-friendly interface reminiscent of Windows Explorer. This program, which offers us the opportunity to recover data from external and internal disk drives, offers us the opportunity to recover data even from USB drives, memory cards and optical media.


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