File 81: Understand The End Of The Netflix Horror Series


File 81 is the newest addition to Netflix’s horror series catalog and revolves around Dan Turner, an archivist who is hired to restore tapes from a building that burned down years ago.

The character ends up making a connection with a mysterious cult discovered by Melody Pendras, author of the tapes, and becomes convinced that he can save her from a horrible end.

The series finale was surprising and left new questions open for fans. Check out what happened next!

End of File 81: Where is Dan Turner and what happened to Melody?

One of Netflix’s new shows, File 81, was recently finished and left a lot of questions about where Dan Turner is and what happened to the Melody character.

During his work, Dan finds a connection between the footage and discovers that Melody suspected that her neighbors in the Visser building were participating in a cult with human sacrifices.

The character then discovers that the young woman has been taken to attend services, and while investigating the tapes, he realizes that Melody is trapped in a supernatural dimension and enlists the help of his friend, Mark, to break into the research facility that contains the tapes.

Thus, the young man goes through a “door” and ends up entering another dimension, but it is not known for sure where he was until the end of the series.