File 81: This is how fans reacted to the new Netflix mystery series


File 81, the new supernatural series that premiered on the Netflix streaming platform on January 14, with just 20 days since its launch, already occupies the first places in several countries around the world, as one of the most viewed of the transmitter in what which goes from 2022.

The suspenseful sci-fi drama set in two alternate timelines follows the terrifying story about Melody, a documentarian who mysteriously disappeared in 1994. The plot also focuses on Dan, the restorer of damaged video tapes who gets dragged into for the intrigue as he tries to unravel the truth of what really happened 25 years ago.

In the netflix series, Dan is manipulated by the owner of the video tapes and Melody’s own biological mother, who longs to reunite with her missing daughter after she traveled to another world in 1994. In his attempt to rescue her, Dan becomes he travels back in time through a demonic ritual, but is trapped in the 1990s.

As previously reported, File 81 is inspired by a podcast of the same name, created by Daniel Powell and Marc Sollinger and starring Amelia Kidd. Netflix adapted the story to the screen and has become the center of criticism from both specialists and fans, who continue to broadcast their impressions on social networks.

Critics call File 81 an intriguing mix of horror at its darkest, offering addictive supernatural thrills that are unsettling in the best way. Meanwhile, viewers are taking to social media to share their reactions as follows:

“I can not escape”

“I really love Archive 81”

“It feels like visiting a place you can’t escape from. You don’t want to dig in, but you’re forced to somehow. For me, though, it’s about these lead actors and how much I enjoy their likeable presence. No I want nothing bad to happen to them.”


“File 81 terrifying.”

“I was looking on Netflix for things to watch and came across File 81. This found footage horror/mystery series has really hooked me and every episode ending makes me go ‘wtf just happened’. James Wan is one of the producers [executives], by the way.”

File 81 fans are clear that a season 2 is on the way. According to the creator of the series, the next installment of the supernatural drama will be responsible for answering what really happened at the end of episode 8 and what was the fate of Samuel, who threw Melody at the gateway between the two alternate lines of time.