File 81: Producer Comments On Season 1 And Indicates News


File 81: In an interview with TV Insider, File 81 showrunner Rebecca Sonnenshine commented on the creation of the semi-anthological horror series and gave important information about its future, suggesting stories to be addressed in a possible second season.

Launched last Friday (14), the Netflix horror and mystery series has been drawing the attention of viewers, adapting the popular eponymous podcast created by Marc Sollinger and Daniel Powell in an episodic format.

With eight chapters available and several subplots involving all kinds of bizarreness in the universe of visual and suggestive horror, the production stands out for presenting numerous references to movie classics, and fans can’t wait to follow new chilling stories.

According to Rebecca Sonnenshine, who has been on the front lines of projects such as The Boys, The Vampire Diaries, Within and Young Damned, File 81 was the most challenging material of her career.

Focused on the structure of “Point of View”, the series featured “many revisions to the structure”, constant rearrangements of footage and a narrative density that was highlighted by mystery, forcing the audience to remain interested with the end of each episode.

In addition, the idea of ​​presenting themes that require reflection and that bring the characters closer to the spectators – issues involving trauma and mental health – were decisive in establishing “a deep connection”, revealing co-protagonists who differ in the way they project their feelings to the world, from according to the sinister events taking place around them.