File 81 Based On True Story? Does The Visser Building Exist? Find It Out!


File 81, the new Netflix horror series, has conquered a legion of viewers since its premiere on January 14, 2022. The series is inspired by the eponymous podcast, which was produced in the found footage style (in Portuguese, found footage). , expanding a true story vibe to the streaming platform show.

The plot parallels the stories of Dan Turner, an archivist who is drawn to seemingly supernatural tapes he is tasked with restoring, and Melody Pendras, the graduate student who was responsible for filming the tapes more than two decades earlier.

Because of the style of the podcast that served as the basis for the production of the series, there are some questions being raised by the audience. Is the story of File 81 real? Did the mysterious Visser building really exist? Discover everything now!

Is the story real?

Even with the realistic and creepy style of the podcast created by Marc Sollinger and Daniel Powell, the story behind File 81 is completely fictional. The two are also co-producers of the series.

The two creators of the project have all the merit of making sound productions seem reality. The creation of the narrative, with the use of sound effects, great script and audio editing convey a vibe of found recordings and increase the tension around the stories told.

Sollinger and Powell’s podcast is now in its 3rd season and continues to tell found footage-style horror stories, all involving scary rituals.