Figure skating champion Kim Yuna shared beautiful photos from her and Ko Woo Rim’s Wedding in Rome


Kim Yuna shared a look at her wedding with Ko Woo Rim from FORESTELLA!

On October 23, the Olympic figure skating champion posted several photos from her wedding the day before on Instagram, as well as several new pictures from her and Ko Woo Rim’s wedding photo shoot at Rome.

The figure skater wrote: “Hi, this is Kim Yuna. I met a good man and we promised each other our future, which led to the fact that yesterday we had a beautiful wedding among the blessings of many people. I sincerely thank everyone who congratulated us. Also, I really want to thank the many people who helped with the preparation. Since we have received so many blessings, I will do my best to work hard and live happily! Thank you.”

Check out all the photos posted by Kim Yuna below!

Congratulations to the newlyweds once again!


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