Fight behind closed doors in PUBG Mobile!


A new map has been announced for PUBG Mobile, which has recently appeared in the mod called The Ancient Secret. As far as it turns out, this game mode also contains some mysterious details. However, for the game mode, Library Map, that is the Library Map, also appeared. Here are the details of PUBG Mobile Library Map:

PUBG Mobile Library Map opens the mystery screen

After appearing in a video at the beginning of August, The Ancient Secret attracted attention and excited gamers. Library Map, published for the new game mode referring to the pyramids, contains a similar mystery.

Presenting with the mysterious old civilization theme, PUBG Mobile offers players new in-game events, special rewards and a different universe. The game called Team Gun comes with the newly presented map.

With this new game mode, which is now available to some users, the Ancient Secret building can be seen and played on Miramar and Erangel maps. Mysterious details are encountered when you enter the pyramid structure, which is positioned as a two-storey building in huge size.

The game also gets even more fun with outfit-specific lobby expressions, special input expressions, puzzles and mini-games.

Team Gun can be played on the first indoor map in PUBG Mobile. Arena mode offers 4 to 4 games with starting weapons. As players hunt down their opponents, their weapons are slowly rising, just like the Arms Race in CS: GO. The Team Gun game is offered every weekend from Friday to Sunday, so players can play.

With PUBG Mobile Library Map, players teleport to a different universe. The update is said to be available to all players soon.

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