FIFA Series May Be Renamed Under Another Name Soon


FIFA: Electronic Arts may rename upcoming games in the FIFA series soon. At least that’s what the company hinted at in a recent statement about the launch of its latest football game.

“We are exploring the idea of ​​renaming our global football games EA Sports,” the company said in a recent press release on the launch of FIFA 22.

“This means that we are reviewing our name right agreement with FIFA,” the company continued, revealing that the agreement with the International Football Federation is separate from its other partnerships and license acquisitions in the world of football.

As stated in the statement, Electronic Arts has licensing agreements with more than 300 individual partners. These numbers involve approximately 17,000 athletes and around 700 teams, all in more than 30 leagues globally.

In other words, producing your football games isn’t cheap at all, so the potential change in the brand name may lighten the publisher’s side a bit. If the agreement with the Federation is revised, the next EA football matches must receive a new title.

Since 1993, Electronic Arts and the International Football Federation have been synonymous in the gaming world. With the success of FIFA 22, its latest release for Xbox, PlayStation and PC, EA has reached the milestone of over 9 million players since the 1st of October.


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