FIFA: Documents Suggest That EA Encourages The Sale of Loot Boxes


FIFA: Recent documents leaked by an “insider from EA” indicated that Eletronic Arts aims to sell loot boxes in FIFA, forcing players to spend money in Ultimate Team mode through invasive marketing.

In recent years, Eletronic Arts has followed its system of microtransactions and package sales to be highly criticized in several countries, which accused the company of influencing young people and adults with games of chance and making charges, resulting in forced and purposeful addiction. The lawsuits and collective actions have already caused a lot of headaches for the publisher, with millionaire fines knocking on their doors at the same time that gambling resources were banned.

Even with the negative considerations, company executives defend the loot boxes and judge them as a “surprise mechanic” that treats players in an ethical and fun way, having a large community of fans and impressive profits that prove the popularity of the system. However, a series of leaked documents suggests that the company may be much more concerned with money than with the liking of fans.

Serious accusations

According to a 54-page report released by an anonymous source to the CBC, the Ultimate Team (FUT) is FIFA’s “cornerstone” and is designed to do “everything we can to get players there”. Through “content teasers” and “messages”, marketing influences players to spend for months, especially in the summer, with the launch of more valuable cards.

“‘Grinding’ in video games is slang to do the same monotonous task over and over to the point that it is no longer fun,” said the insider. “It looks like [EA games] were designed to be boring, to be a grind and to encourage people of all ages to spend money on packs of cards.”

After the information was leaked, an Eletronic Arts spokesman refused to be interviewed about the source of the reports and accused the documents of “privileged and confidential”, “without context” and with “poorly informed” data.

What did you think of the information released by the anonymous source? Do you believe they are right about EA’s microtransaction policies? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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