FIFA and Free Fire student tournaments announced


The Sports Department of the State of São Paulo revealed on Tuesday (5) that it will organize, throughout the month of February, FIFA and Free Fire championships. The competitions will be held in totally online modalities and will receive applications from elementary and high school students, in addition to university students from all over the state, both from public and private institutions.

The FIFA 21 tournament will receive a maximum limit of 128 players, which will be divided into 32 groups of 4 participants each. The dispute will take place in the form of international championships where the top two in each group will move on to the knockout stage, totaling 64 classifieds who will dispute back and forth with a golden goal in overtime.

The Free Fire Championship will count on the participation of 1296 teams of 4 to 6 participants in each one, distributed in 108 groups of 12 teams. The dispute will take place in three qualifying stages and a final stage, in which the top 12 teams will play 6 falls in a single day.

“As public managers, we have to be attentive to society, to the entire market that involves sport in Brazil and around the world,” said Aildo Ferreira, State Sports Secretary. “Electronic sports are growing at impressive levels and the Government from São Paulo could not shy away from holding a tournament in this segment. ”

Pre-registration for both tournaments will start on January 10th and run until January 29th. To find out more about the competitions, just access the rules on the official website.

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