FIFA: 90% Of FUT Packages Are Not Obtained With Microtransaction


FIFA: Speaking to the Eurogamer website, Chris Buzzo, executive of EA Sports, revealed that most transactions involving FUT packages are not carried out with real money, but with the currency obtained in-game.

“Let me be clear on this point: nine out of ten FUT packs opened in FIFA are opened with coins, and they are obtained by playing the game, not with real money. Another important aspect is that 78% of all FIFA 21 players have never spent anything on the game”, commented Buzzo.

Also asked about the case of children who spend money on the game, the executive regretted that this occurs, but reminded that parents can use tools that prevent their children from practicing such actions.

The latest game in the football series is FIFA 22, which is now available to the public in PC and console editions.


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