“FIFA 23” TOTW 6 Players, Squad And Update Time


FIFA 23 is the last and, in fact, the last game in the multi—year football series. This is the culmination of a faster style of play cultivated in the last few installments, but with an emphasis on defense and improvements supported by machine learning. However, as with last year’s game, Team of the Week is still here to give Ultimate Team players something to strive for every week.

TOTW 6 was released with the addition of enhanced versions of player cards, including Casemiro, Mbappe and Martinez. You will be able to fight with TOTW to earn rewards, and a new one will appear soon after. To help you make a plan of attack, in this guide you will find the composition of the FIFA 23 TOTW 6 team.

Here are the players who made TOTW 6 and what their improved ratings are.

FIFA 23 TOTW 6 squad, including Mbappe, Casemiro and Martinez

The squad for FIFA 23 TOTW 6 is here. You can find the full line-up of TOTW 6 in the list below:

GK: Vlachodimos – 84 OVR

CB: De Ligt – 86 OVR

LB: Marušić – 82 OVR

RB: Castagne – 84 OVR

CDM: Casemiro – 90 OVR

CM: Bellingham – 86 OVR

CM: Berghuis – 84 OVR

CAM: Grifo – 84 OVR

ST: Mbappé – 92 OVR

ST: Martínez – 87 OVR

RW: Dembélé – 85 OVR

GK: Henderson – 82 OVR

CB: Lejeune – 81 OVR

CM: Rabiot – 83 OVR

CAM: Brahim – 82 OVR

LM: Bouanga – 81 OVR

ST: Griezmann – 85 OVR

ST: Lacazette – 84 OVR

RM: Palacios – 76 OVR

CAM: Popadiuc – 74 OVR

RW: Del Castillo – 79 OVR

ST: Bradshaw – 77 OVR

ST: López – 76 OVR

What is TOTW in FIFA 23

Every week EA compiles a list of the best players of the real football matches of the past week and includes them in the FIFA 23 team of the week. These player cards increase overall stats and are used in team battles and PKI. You can play against TOTW to earn rewards, or take part in team selection challenges to earn updated TOTW cards. They usually take up a lot of space in the transfer market, so it’s worth checking every week whether you have everything you need to complete the proposed IPCs.


What time is TOTW updated?

In FIFA 23, TOTW squads are published every Wednesday at 18:00 Moscow time / 10:00 Pacific time. This is when TOTW is updated, so make sure you have completed your SBC and Squad Battles before then.

That’s all you need to know about FIFA 23 TOTW this week. Stay tuned for updates, including the team line-up for next week!

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