FIFA 23, it would seem, has just leaked, a month earlier


FIFA 23 apparently leaked today, which briefly made the game available to play – and may even have revealed some real kits that haven’t been shown to the public yet.

According to some players, a pre-download sent to those who pre-ordered the game was accidentally published, allowing Ultimate Edition players to launch and play the upcoming FIFA 23 game. Also, the EA Play trial version may have been launched earlier, allowing others to access the game.

FIFA 23 cannot be played until September 27.

People are somehow already getting FIFA 23 on Xbox. The game hasn’t even come out yet, and bug #1 is already here!

— Nepenthez (@NepentheZ) August 30, 2022

Several players were able to download the game and play it, and Twitch user mexico07dan1 (via Eurogamer) streamed FIFA 23 before his account was quickly blocked. However, several gameplay clips of the upcoming game remain online.

This year’s FIFA Ultimate Team stats have also started to leak out:

🚨 Current ratings in #FIFA23

– Messi 🇦🇷 91
– Mbappe 🇫🇷 91
– Benzema 🇫🇷 91
– Lewandowski 🇵🇱 91
– Mane 🇸🇳 90
– Neymar 🇧🇷 89
– Marquinhos 🇧🇷 88
– Donnarumma 🇮🇹 88
– Blame Junior 🇧🇷 86
– Pedri 🇪🇸 85
– Kimpembe 🇫🇷 83

Not sure if they are updated, but people are playing the full version!

— Donk 🍊/ #FIFA23 News (@DonkTrading) August 30, 2022

Milan’s ratings in FIFA 23!

This 84 Tomori will be a joke!

It’s unclear how this accidental release happened, but it’s bound to be a blow for EA, which usually provides information about its upcoming FIFA games in an extended marketing push before the game’s release.

The fact that recruitment partners are often involved makes the leak even more problematic. Some of the forms featured in FIFA 23 have not yet been submitted by real clubs, but in-game versions have begun to leak online, including the third forms of Liverpool and Atletico Madrid.

EA has leaked the third form of Liverpool 😂

What the 🔴

The third set of Atletico Madrid uniforms of the 2022/23 season has ALSO been leaked to FIFA 23. 🤦♂️

Of course, this is not the only mistake related to FIFA 23 in recent weeks, after the game was accidentally given a 99.98% discount when FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition was listed for pre-order in the Indian Epic Games store. EA responded with a ridiculously large discount for those who bought it.

FIFA 23 will be the last under its name after EA decided not to pay a huge license fee to continue cooperation with FIFA. Instead, the franchise will start anew as EA Sports FC.

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