FIFA 22 Will Have Career Mode Revamped in The Next-Gen Version


Electronic Arts (EA) has unveiled a series of new features that will be exclusive to the next-gen version of FIFA 22, released for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Google Stadia. This time, the news is related to a reformulation of the Career Mode of the football game.

The main new feature is that players will now be able to create their own club from scratch. The game will allow you to customize your uniforms, your shield and even the stadium where you will play your matches.

Your new team can be included in any league you like, from the 4th division of England to the Bundesliga or the Premier League.

Casting allows you to generate new players with the desired level

Part of that process of creating your club involves creating an entirely new squad of fictional players. On this screen, you’ll be able to choose your squad’s overall score, an age range for your players and your transfer budget, among other elements.

You can even decide your board’s philosophy, prioritizing success in domestic competitions over continental ones — or developing young players over financial success.

New elements of atmosphere seek to bring more immersion to matches

The new career mode will bring new things to the atmosphere of matches, with new cutscenes to show the warm-up, the locker room and teams checking the pitch.

If your team is having a bad result in an important match, you might even see the fans leaving the stadium early.

There’s even a new scene for when you’re hired for a new job as a technician. And now athlete transfer announcements are made in the stadium, instead of just happening in the press room.

Match goals bring new challenges to your career as a player

There’s also news for anyone starting their career as a player. Now there are new match goals, in the style of those you had to complete in The Journey mode from FIFA 17 to FIFA 19.

This includes getting a good score in the game, completing a successful dribbling rate, or converting a certain amount of finishes. The new career mode also features a revamped player evolution system. For starters, you can now gain experience by playing matches or training.

Also, these experience points can be used to unlock skills in the new skill tree. The promise is that these elements can be used to develop players with different characteristics.

FIFA 22 will be released on October 1st.


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