FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Offers Anime Items For Purchase


FIFA 22 was recently released, and many players are already enjoying what is present in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. For those who are anime fans, the new edition of the game brings something special: items that are associated with the world of Japanese cartoons.

For those interested, the items in question related to a character named Mirai and her mecha. These extras can be purchased for a limited time thanks to the Mirai Bundle (or separately, if you want), and it brings among its components a trophy to leave near one of the corner areas and the Mecha Core Vip Area.

If you’re interested in the items, it’s good to prepare your pocket (whether real or virtual): the VIP area costs 45,000 FUT or 500 FIFA Points, while the trophy is offered for 36,000 FUT or 400 FIFA Points. Finally, the complete package with even more items costs 135,000 FUT or 1500 FIFA Points.

FIFA 22 is now available in PC, Stadia, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions.


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