FIFA 22 shows FUT Heroes stats: Morientes, Mostovoi, Milito and more


FIFA 22: Heroes of FUT highlights some of the most iconic players in each league. EA Sports shares the statistics of the first selected.FIFA 22 has shared the stats of some players who are part of the FUT Heroes promotion. We remind you that these faces are one of the main novelties in Ultimate Team; they are one step below the Icons we all know.

The official EA Sports account on Twitter profiles, for example, two of the players participating in the LaLiga Santanter label. Fernando Morientes will occupy his natural position with a valuation of 89 points. ‘El Moro’ will have a shot of 90, while his physique and dribbling will be 86 and 83, respectively.

On the other hand, Mostovoi will occupy a leading position in midfield. As an MCO he will have an average rating of 86 points. His main weapons will be his dribbling (88) and passing (86). Of course, if you are looking for a player who intervenes among the hardened centrals of FUT, he will suffer from his 77 physique.

Then we leave you with the ratings shared so far.

FUT Heroes first stats

Fernando Morientes

Rhythm: 84

Shot: 90

Pass: 77

Dribble: 83

Defense: 45

Physical: 86


Rhythm: 78

Shot: 83

Pass: 86

Dribble: 88

Defense: 62

Physical: 77


Rhythm: 83

Shot: 89

Pass: 75

Dribble: 84

Defense: 43

Physical: 80


Rhythm: 86

Shot: 63

Pass: 65

Dribble: 68

Defense: 90

Physical: 87

Say natale

Rhythm: 90

Shot: 91

Pass: 85

Dribble: 90

Defense: 46

Physical: 70

Abedi Pele

Rhythm: 91

Shot: 83

Pass: 87

Dribble: 91

Defense: 48

Physical: 66


Rhythm: 90

Shot: 88

Pass: 87

Dribble: 91

Defense: 55

Physical: 84


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