FIFA 22 SBC – What Are Squad Building Challenges And How Do They Work?


FIFA 22 offers a crowd a way to recycle your wardrobe: Squad Building Challenges. We tell you what they are and how they work. FIFA 22 brings back to the community the most popular features by its fans. Specifically, Ultimate Team lands another year loaded with the elements that made it transcend as part of the package. Strengthening your team is part of the process that leads to success. Therefore, today we tell you everything you need to know about squad creation challenges, a way to expand and recycle your wardrobe. All as part of our detailed guide.

What is an SBC?

SBC stands for Squad Build Challenge, that is, squad creation challenge. In this mode you can exchange a series of items to receive rewards of all kinds. Specific players from a special series, special packs, cosmetics … there are many elements that will only appear via challenge.

We refer above all to non-transferable items. Those players of the month, flashbacks, certain Promises from Ones to Watch … Almost all promotions that appear in packs have some non-transferable complement there.


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