FIFA 22 Prepares Its First Major Update; Major Patch Changes


FIFA 22 prepares the first major update for FUT mode, Career and gameplay improvements. We tell you which are the most prominent of the new patch notes FIFA 22 is gearing up to receive its first major update. The new work of EA Sports prepares important changes and improvements after its launch on October 1. In this piece we will review some of the most prominent elements of the patch, which you can read in full in the source of this news.

FIFA 22 Patch First – Featured Changes

It is expected to “soon” land on PC; It does not yet have a date on consoles.


Updated the Division Rivals progression interface to improve clarity and visibility.
Tifos can now be viewed in the stadium while pausing a game.
Fixed the visual bug in the FUT Champions results menu showing an incorrect reward than the one awarded.
Fixed an issue with Joe Cole’s FUT Hero item preventing entering a match while having him on the team.
The Division Rivals screen at the end of a match could run slower than normal.
Some badges and shirts were not displaying correctly.


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