FIFA 22: Pedro Flashback, How to Complete The Squad Challenge (SBC) And Stats


FIFA 22: EA Sports releases the first article in the Flashback series: Pedro. We tell you how to complete the squad challenge and its statistics in FIFA 22. FIFA 22 already previews the first contents of the Ultimate Team post-launch service. From EA Sports they launch one of the flashbacks that will give your club a boost: Pedro. With an average of 86 points we are talking about an agile left winger, with good shooting and extensive experience proven in the field. This is what you can expect from him.

Pedro Flashback: all stats

The qualities of Pedro Flashback are surprising to be a launch article for this series. His 86 pace hides a 98 acceleration score. With him in the band you will have an explosive player in the snatch, perfect for the cons hit towards the touch line. His 84 shooting average regulates almost all individual stats above 84. He is a solid player in deciding to run.

Rhythm: 86
Shot: 84
Pass: 84
Dribble: 87
Defense: 48
Physical: 63

A pity the loss in physical. 63 on average with 48 strength. He is weak against tackles from centrals. At least he has an 84 for energy; You can count on him for most of the game, with the added peace of mind that his ball control is 91.