FIFA 22 Introduces Ultimate Team News; changes to Rivals


FIFA 22: EA Sports presents the main Ultimate Team news in FIFA 22. FIFA 22 comes to the moment most awaited by its fans before its launch. EA Sports has confirmed the main changes that Ultimate Team, the most popular mode of the football simulator, will receive. As we have been saying in recent weeks, the team presents important changes in order to renew the sensations.

Progression improvement in Division Rivals

During the presentation attended by MeriStation, the team points out that Division Rivals remains among the “most important” aspects of FUT. Users can expect a completely redesigned experience, with a new elite division and fresh elements that encourage competition wherever you are on the step.

The new progression system comes to share with greater accuracy where you are. The ranks are divided into phases, where we will advance and obtain weekly rewards based on our individual performance. There is a new ladder, the elite division, a space reserved for the best players. Advancing entitles you to qualify for the world championship.


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