FIFA 22 Improves Gameplay And Surprises With Fun


FIFA 22: Launching a football game on the market is a challenge in itself. First, because companies have less than a year to imagine something different from the latest version. Second, because one of the most Shiite communities is found within this universe. With this, the reader must understand how difficult it is to please players of this genre, right?

It’s enough to analyze that the current competition is divided into two games, Konami and Electronic Arts. Even so, the soldiers defend tooth and nail each of the titles. Luckily, the discussion is only in the digital world.

I’ve always been passionate about football games, but unlike many players, I never got into this war. I was a FIFA player, I was a PES lover, now called eFootball.

There were years when I opted for one, there were periods when I preferred the other and so life went on. I say this because what I really care about is the fun, no matter what title you’re playing. And that is so, after all, competition is important for the growth of each of the franchises.

Long live the old generation!

In the last three years I opted for the Konami title, but now it was hopeless. After the atrocity committed by the company with eFootball, I migrated to the Electronic Arts game without pity or sadness.

Even before it was released on the market, I would already have a preference for FIFA 22, as the hiatus in the game of the series would be beneficial to change the air and find a game totally different from what I played a few years ago.


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