FIFA 22: How To Make Dribbling And Watermarking More Effective And Useful


FIFA 22: We tell you the tips and tricks you need to know to start completing dribbles successfully. These are the most effective watermarks in FIFA 22. FIFA 22 is already among us. The long-awaited EA Sports title offers one more year the virtual football demanded by the millions of fans around it. However, many others will enter it for the first time with this installment. Understanding the fundamentals is critical to the success of your club. Today we help you to delve into dribbling.

How to dribble?

The right stick is responsible for practically 90% of the dribbles that we will perform in FIFA 22. Of course, you must bear in mind that the dribbles are always executed in the direction the player looks. If he looks to the left, when we have to dribble forward it will be to the left.

At no time think about the four traditional direction arrows, but think about the position of the player. He can only be forward, backward, and sideways. Especially in actions where you require a half moon, since this varies depending on where the player is.

Not all players can do all kinds of dribbles. To do this, you must make sure how many stars it has in watermarks, which you can find within its profile by pressing the right stick within the template menu.

We will divide the following movements according to their number of stars, a requirement to complete them.


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