FIFA 22 Gets New Update To Remove Bugs; See Changes


FIFA 22 had already received an update on PC and Google Stadia, but now Title Update 3 (version 1.14) is also available on consoles! The new patch brings two new minigames for Volta Arcade, in addition to fixing bugs in Career mode that made players lose progress.

Although the problem is still not fully resolved, you now have the option to manually log out and save your progress whenever you close career mode, which is precisely the way EA recommends to ensure that no problems occur, for now .

In Volta mode, now you can compete in a minigame focused on lifting the ball and hitting it into the rival team’s buckets, while the other mode consists of kicking the ball as close as possible to the center of a target.

Exclusively on PS5, the patch also resolves an issue in Division Rivals mode that prevented players from finding matches online. On all platforms, other small bugs were fixed, such as goals against which were counted as submissions by the rival team, stability problems in the second half and judges who did not mark fouls committed by the goalkeepers.

Have you ever played FIFA 22? What did you think of this update? Is there anything that EA still needs to resolve in your opinion? Comment below!