FIFA 22: EA Sports Investigates Graphics Issues On Xbox Series S


FIFA 22: Some users report graphical problems in the version for Xbox Series S of FIFA 22. From EA Sports they investigate the problem in search of a solution. FIFA 22 has allowed EA Play members to dive early into the final version. However, some issues have made the experience not the same on all platforms. One of the most commented on in the Electronic Arts technical service corresponds to the resolution escalation in Xbox Series S.

It is being “investigated”

“Please EA fix the resolution escalation, it’s a similar issue to the next-gen version of FIFA 21 on Xbox Series S,” notes thread creator JoeH-87. “It doesn’t matter at 1080p or 1440p, the scale on Series S is horrendous, it seems to scale below 720p. It is very blurry when in motion and it makes my eyes hurt. ”

At the moment, one of those responsible for the community, EA_Aljo, assured that the company “continues to investigate the problem” and that they will update “when they know they have a solution.” “It has definitely not been ignored. We are trying to solve it as quickly as we can, ”he concludes.

Since its publication last week, the thread has received a multitude of messages from other fans with the same problem. So much so that at the moment it has 90 pages. Almost nothing. EA_Roger, another member of the community team, assured that the study “remains immersed” in the correction. We will have to wait for the next few days to know if the error has been corrected.

He recalls that FIFA 22 is scheduled to launch on October 1 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. At MeriStation we brought you the keys that make this edition something more special if possible, especially due to the premiere of Hypermotion technology. You can read the full text by clicking on this link.


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