FIFA 22 Debuts With Records; EA Will Consider Changing The Name To The Saga


FIFA 22: Electronic Arts is considering changing the name of its star soccer saga while speaking to FIFA regarding its agreement. FIFA 22 debuts with records. EA Sports draws its chest from the statistics that FIFA 22 has collected since its launch on October 1. As revealed, more than 9 million unique players have jumped onto the virtual turf, and at least 7.6 million clubs in Ultimate Team have been created in a matter of days. In addition, together they have exceeded 460 million games played.

Will it continue to be called FIFA in the future? EA values ​​a change

“As we look forward, we are exploring the idea of ​​renaming our soccer games EA Sports,” explains Cam Weber, general manager of the EA Sports group. “This means that we are reviewing our naming agreement with FIFA, which is separate from all of our official collaborations and licenses throughout the world of football.”

This approach to the future of the saga comes according to the “clear vision for the future of football” that the team has. “We are here to create the best soccer experiences for all of our fans. To do this, we started by listening to the fans. We constantly listen to what matters most to them to grow the global community, creating innovative football experiences through new platforms, a commitment at all levels of football including grassroots and accelerating the rise of women’s football. ”

It is no secret that FIFA in recent years has been the saga with the highest number of licenses of the entire genre. “Authenticity is essential to the experience. That is why we focus so much energy on the collective strength of more than 300 individual licensed partners, who give us access to more than 17,000 athletes through more than 700 teams, in 100 stadiums in more than 30 leagues around the world, ”Weber emphasizes. The UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Conference League, CONMEBOL Libertadores… There are several tournaments with which it has been done during the past generation.

Remember that FIFA 22 is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.


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