FIFA 22 banned more than 30,000 players


In early October, FIFA 22 hit stores, maintaining the franchise’s success, but it wasn’t long before EA had to take action against cheaters.


This week, the company revealed that it punished more than 30,000 players who took advantage of an error in Ultimate Team, the most competitive mode in the game.

The FUT Champions, the toughest and most competitive competition in FIFA 22 and part of the FUT, was exposed to “no loss glitch”, which allowed players to quickly reach 20 consecutive victories. Doing so allowed them to reap the great rewards associated with the difficult feat.

Players, who felt they were about to lose a match, pressed the main button on the controller to return to the console menu and waited for the timer to run out for the match to end, but contrary to popular belief, the game did not register a loss and the players continued on their way unpunished.

The error began to be shared among the community and became so popular that the rain of rewards meant a flood of cards for sale in the transfer market and precipitous drops in prices.

EA has reported that more than 30,000 accounts have been identified that have repeated the error several times and have been suspended from FUT activity for 7 days, which will prevent them from participating in the FUT Champions finals.

However, the FIFA 22 community seems to feel that the 7-day punishment is weak for the manipulation that has been done, as it is the most competitive mode in the game.

Did you take advantage of the error? Did you find the EA punishment fair?


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