FIFA 21’s Player Ratings Announced


The ratings of the players were determined in FIFA 21, the last game of the world’s most popular football game series. Electronic Arts announced the top 100 players.

Among the things that players pay attention to most in soccer games are features and player skills. The FIFA series is also one of the places where many football fans get their first impressions of teams and players.

Before FIFA 21, the next version of the popular franchise, arrived, Electronic Arts announced that the ratings were set. Not only that, the company also presented the names of the top 100 players with the highest ratings as a list.

Messi is at the top once again

Almost everyone who has been following what has been happening in the world of football recently is aware of the problems between Barcelona’s Spanish star Lionel Messi and his club Barcelona. Although the performance of the player this year is a matter of curiosity, the Argentine star became the best player in FIFA 2021 with 93 ratings.

Cristiano Ronaldo, another great star of our age and, according to many, the best footballer, follows him with 92 ratings. Bayern Munich’s goal maker and last year’s top scorer of three different tournaments, Robert Lewandowski took 3rd place with 91 ratings.

The names that completed the top 10 on the list were as follows

Kevin de Bruyne (Man City – 91 ratings)
Neymar Jr (PSG – 91 ratings)
Jan Oblak (Atletico Madrid – 91 ratings)
Virgil Van Dijk (Liverpool – 90 rating)
Kylian Mbappe (PSG – 90 rating)
Mohamed Salah (Liverpool – 90 rating)
Sadio Mane (Liverpool – 90 rating)

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We are not in the top 100

When we examine the list determined by Electronic Arts, we see that there are no Turkish players in the top 100, and also that none of the players on the list entered the form of Turkish teams.

Electronic Arts also compiled lists of top players by rank and top leagues on their blog. These lists can also give an idea of ​​the teams to order for the next FIFA game.


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