FIFA 21: Xavi Hernández, Icon of FIFA Ultimate Team


The former FC Barcelona player, who will return to the EA Sports video game as an Icon, retired in 2019 after passing through Qatar.

Soccer has its legends and Xavi Hernández is already part of that select group. As was already known, the former player of the Blaugrana team was chosen as part of the FIFA 21 icon squad, a decoration linked to the FIFA Ultimate Team mode that honors extraordinary players. Thus, the midfielder will return to the stadiums thanks to the video game. Hernández has participated in an interview that you can see on these lines, in which he has delved into his professional career to highlight the milestones that have allowed him to join as an Icon in the production of EA Sports.

Xavi Hernández looks back at the past and recalls his long career since its inception. It was when he was only 11 years old when he began to travel the journey that led him to debut in high competition in 1998. “It was to arrive and kiss the saint,” says the former footballer. “With 18 years it is not normal to play 16 or 17 games, win LaLiga …”. Since then, his career has not stopped developing, an evolution that led him to victory at UEFA EURO 2008: “Luis Aragonés was the key to success,” emphasizes Hernández. “He hit the key to play in a very specific way, his idea of ​​the game. I never imagined becoming the best UEFA player, not even in my best dreams.

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It was a time of splendor for Can Barça, in which Xavi Hernández was a participant: he added a new LaLiga title to his record just one year later: “We were insurmountable and everything added up, you had the feeling that everything fit together.” In addition, he said goodbye to FC Barcelona with the triplet, something that gave him “complete happiness, the best possible script for any footballer.”

FIFA 21 will be released on October 9 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Later it will also be published on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Those who have the delivery of the current generation can update for free. Of course, this year there will be no demo, as confirmed by Electronic Arts.


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