FIFA 21 will not have cross-platform play


Crossplay will not be possible in FIFA 21, not even between platforms in the same family. EA Sports details in what state the versions are.

EA Sports confirms it: FIFA 21 will not have cross-play, not even between systems of the same family. This directly affects the communities of the new generation of consoles, which will see their population reduced compared to the union with the current ones.

In a short tweet, the team pointed out the news but not before clarifying how the leaderboards will work. Within it, players from the same console ecosystem will be compressed, but they will not be able to interact with each other.

The company insists that the cross-progress features remain as advertised. That is, you will be able to move your FUT progress from PS4 and Xbox One to PS5 and Xbox Series X, respectively. Remember that you can update your copy of FIFA 21 to the new generation through the Double Version program. You will have until the launch of FIFA 22 to join the promotion.

The progress carried forward will be crossed. While you bring all your Ultimate Team and Volta progress to the new consoles, if you decide to revert to the current generation version, the data will be transmitted in real time so you don’t lose anything along the way. Unfortunately, the same does not happen with the rest of the game modes: neither career mode, nor Pro Clubs, nor cooperative seasons. In this link you can know all the details.

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News Week

We have recently received a battery of news about the main game modes of FIFA 21. They highlight the changes that Ultimate Team will undergo, the star mode every year. The physical state of the players will be eliminated and the number of consumables available in our club will be reduced. On the other hand, the eleven new icons add up to a total of 100 playable legends in a single installment.


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