FIFA 21 will fight toxic players, Precautions will be taken


EA Sports removes 2 celebrations to avoid unnecessary bites. After the remote presentation we had with EA Sports’ FIFA 21 developers, we had a question and answer session with Sam Rivera, Lead Gameplay Producer, Ionel Stanescu, Line Producer and Jeff Antwi, Lead Producer of the soccer game to solve some of the doubts about the changes of this new installment.

One of the things that most caught our attention was that in this edition, they removed 2 celebrations, the one of the “shhh” (keep silent) and the one of “ah ok” used by Delle Alli from Tottenham Hotspur FC, and there will be greater control of the toxic players through a monitoring that will be carried out by the developers with different tools “What we have sought in these years in the game, is to make sure that the players get to the point, go play soccer. We have identified all those little pieces that we believe, they do not represent what we want to see. For example, in the Champions you are only going to compete and you try to win the game, if you win it is fine, you celebrate and now because it is part of football. We are doing everything possible to promote fair play within the game and we will continue to monitor because every year there is something new like some celebration that is overused, so we will continue to do it so that the game goes right to the point, go scoring goals and playing beautiful football, that is our goal in FIFA 21 ”Rivera stressed after questioning about this change.

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This is one of the celebrations that will be removed from FIFA 21

Following the same line we insist on the way in which they are going to monitor the game, to which Sam replied “We play a lot, we know, we have experience in that and we question the reasons for certain things, thus we partially identify these attitudes. Second, the community tells us, we talk to many players of all kinds, from professionals to casuals, and they tell us what is happening online, so we have a great list of things that we exceed each year. ”

On the interpretation of the batons in their absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Ionel assured us that they did not remove them, rather they worked on improving them and making them more authentic in order to differentiate them, for example, a Premiere League baton will be different from a match in the BBVA league in Mexico. All this will be thanks to the regionalization work they have in each of the countries.

On whether there will be activities such as that of the Chapulin Colorado uniform in FIFA 20, Rivera could not tell us anything, but he assured us that the content team works very hard to repeat this type of activities in the new edition, so without We will definitely see more of this kind of thing.


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