FIFA 21 will allow you to set limits when purchasing


EA Sports football simulator will add these tools after some governments have lobbied against microtransactions.

FIFA Points are the currency with which FIFA 21 users can purchase packs from the ingame store. FIFA Ultimate Team, the online mode of the video game, has been the target of lawsuits due to the impact of microtransactions on children. In this context, EA Sports has decided to implement a tool to enable the regulation of the purchase of these FIFA Points. This is revealed by the most recent patch of the title. FIFA Playtime is described as “a new assortment of tools that allow players to have more control and visibility over what they play.”

According to Eurogamer, it can be accessed through the main menu, FIFA Ultimate Team or Volta Fútbol. It will be available on PC from today, November 12, while console users will have to wait until the 17th of this month. The British media ensures that it is designed as a tool for parents or players who wish to control various aspects of the game, which includes the time they spend playing or communications.

FIFA Playtime options

FIFA Playtime will not only record the hours you have spent playing FIFA 21, but also how many FIFA Points you have spent (although this is not converted to real money). You will be able to choose the matches you want to play, the amount of FIFA Points you want to buy and the number of FUT Packs that you can open with FUT Coints or with the purchased FIFA Points. Through this tool, users have the ability to set purchase limits for FIFA Points. If you purchase them out of the game, a notification will not appear until you start the title again.

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FIFA Playtime has been developed as part of EA’s Positive Play project. This is a long-term initiative. “Playing should always be fun, so we are going to expand the information and tools to help you play the way you want,” the company says in a statement. “Last June we launched the Positive Play Charter, a series of updated community guidelines designed to make our games and services more inclusive, safe, balanced and fair.”


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