“FIFA 21” users will be able to play as Dua Lipa


Latest “FIFA 21” update Patch notes, release date, and platforms Check out Dua Lipa’s images!

FIFA 21 users can now play as Dua Lipa as part of the latest video game update; Check out the preview images below that Somagnews compiled for you.

The latest installment in EA’s Sports series launched last month (October 9) on multiple consoles. In the FIFA 21 update, celebrity editors have joined the “FIFA Volta” mode of the title.

Lipa, who released his latest album “Future Nostalgia” this year, now appears with Lewis Hamilton, David Beckham and DJ Snake.

The next-gen version of FIFA 21 (PS5 and Xbox Series X) will launch on December 4, while the updated version for PC will arrive sometime next year. Players who own current generation versions of the game are also entitled to a free next generation update, but only to the equivalent of the next generation console, for example from PS4 to PS5.

Players until the start of FIFA22, at the end of 2021, can request an updated version of FIFA 21. Additionally, users who have physical copies of the game are encouraged to keep the discs when they start the game on the next generation of consoles. .

Meanwhile, Dua Liba will release a P-page album “Nostalgia for the Future” next year. It is said that there will be a collaboration between the singer and Miley Cyrus, and Cyrus has promised that it will be removed “soon.”

What’s new in the FIFA 21 update

Electronic Arts is adding a new feature to FIFA 21 called Playtime that, according to the patch notes, “will allow players to have more control and visibility over how they play.” Those tools, EA said in a follow-up blog post, will allow gamers to set parental control style limits on how much time and money they spend playing the game.

“FIFA Playtime gives you an overview of the amount of time you’ve spent in FIFA 21 and allows you to set limits on how you play,” EA explained. “You will be able to choose how many matches to participate in, the amount of FIFA Points you buy and the number of FUT Packs opened with FUT Coins or bought with FIFA Points.”

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“The integration of tracking and limits in FIFA Playtime is based on research showing that having access to more information helps players feel comfortable with the way they play. When combined with smart prompts to guide their choices, players They were able to find a comfortable balance in their games. We will continue to evolve and adapt these tools and resources to provide you with even more ways to shape your gaming experience. ”

The first thing that came to mind when I read about the option to self-impose limits on purchases of packages and coins was a ridiculous battery-operated cigarette case that I bought many years ago that was only opened at user-specified intervals, apparently to ration cigarettes. for those who didn’t have the willpower to do it themselves. It was a total waste: whenever I felt the urge, I would just put the batteries in, grab a cigarette and then put the batteries back in and promise myself I’d do better next time, wondering if EA had figured out how to prevent them from Willing but weak FUT fans do the same.

Protecting gamers from themselves is not actually the intention of these new tools, an EA representative explained. “There is no function to prevent players from exceeding those limits. The goal of FIFA Playtime is to give players more visibility on how much time they spend in the game, rather than actively controlling how they play,” they explained. “EA is focused on giving players the tools and resources to shape how they play if they want to.”

The FIFA Playtime website states the same thing: you can set the limits you want, but they won’t interrupt you when you reach them, you’ll just get a notification that maybe it’s time to take a break.

FIFA Playtime will also include mobile and web-based companion apps, and it should be live on PC by the time you read this. (Console versions will follow next week.) That moment is surely coincidental, but it’s still interesting: EA is currently facing at least two lawsuits related to loot boxes, one filed in October complaining that the presence of loot boxes in its games amounts to “an illegal gaming system. and unlicensed, “and a second reported today alleging he manipulates difficulty in EA’s sports games to encourage loot box purchases.


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