FIFA 21 updates to reduce yellow cards


In addition to correcting some bugs in the different game modes, the new from EA Sports continues to polish the playable experience.

If your team is too lacking, you may find yourself in for a match full of yellow cards in FIFA 21, one of the newest games from EA Sports for consoles and PC. However, the studio continues to work to fine-tune the gameplay. Electronic Arts has released a new patch that fixes precisely that problem. From now on the number of yellow cards is reduced.

Without leaving the subject of refereeing, the study has corrected an error in which the referee whistled the end of the game at inappropriate times. Additionally, the cowtail drag combo now requires a 5-star rating in Filigree. On the other hand, the patch notes also specify that the time in which a celebration can be requested has been extended, especially in pro club matches.

Other additional bugs have also been touched. A rather curious one is the one that allowed some players to remain suspended in the air after contesting a header, a pass or a shot. A hard tackle could cause the footballer to slip more than necessary due to an error in one of the animations. The patch makes changes in practically all game modes.

Path of the new generation

FIFA 21 is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. This latest version is a Legacy Edition, which means that it is an update of templates and players, with no changes at the playable level.

The new generation versions already have a release date: it will be on December 4 when players can access this improved version for PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Therefore, they will not be available since the launch of the new systems . EA announced that those who purchase the game on current machines will be able to upgrade for free.

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