FIFA 21, TOTW 19: which cards are worth it?

TOTW 19 is now available in FUT FIFA 21. We review which cards are worth your while among the 22 players chosen. New and top templates.

FIFA 21 has already received the TOTW 19. The 22 chosen are now part of the opening of packs in Ultimate Team. The list, which you can find at this link, leaves us several letters that are worth pointing out. In this piece we will focus on four interesting ones for top and recently created teams.

TOTW 19: Lautaro Martínez

The Argentine is a true marvel as part of the Team of the Week 19. For just over 100,000 coins you have a very complete center forward for Serie A teams. These are his statistics:

Rhythm: 87

Shot: 88

Passing: 79

Dribbling: 89

Defense: 52

Physical: 87

The loss of him in his pass should not worry us. In short pass he has 87, more than enough to associate with his teammates. Lautaro’s main virtue is the regularity of his statistics. He does not reach 90 in any, but he is the typical forward profile that will get you out of more than one predicament.

TOTW 19: Bounou

Known by all as Bono, the Moroccan international does not stand out for being a very complete goalkeeper. There are other LaLiga goalkeepers who stand out above him; he is far from being a top. However, he assures you of a capable goalie in Squad Battles.

Jump: 81

Handling: 81

Serve: 80

Reflexes: 82

Speed: 41

Position: 81

Like Lautaro, but as a goalkeeper. For the 10,000 coins that he costs in the market he is a gift, especially considering the green chemistry with cards like Koundé.



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